Lake County Board District 17 consists of approximately 26,995 residents living in Lake Barrington, North Barrington, Port Barrington, Tower Lakes, and portions of Wauconda, Island Lake, Fox River Grove, Barrington Hills, Lake Zurich, and Hawthorn Woods.


Reducing Your Tax Bill
 I will be relentless in making sure that Lake County respects you the taxpayer at all times.

I have seen in the past, government waste and excess spending.

For over 30 years as a Lake County business owner, I have been fiscally conservative with my own business spending and will approach the spending in Waukegan the same way. My fiscal responsibility is to the residents I serve.

When I was a Lake County Board Appointed Trustee for the Lake Zurich Rural Fire District, I always asked myself before any vote, “Is this good for the taxpayers I represent? If the answer was “yes” I voted yes. If it was not I voted “no”.

I will always stand my ground to do what is in the best interest of the taxpayers I represent. I am not afraid to stand my ground for what is right.

While I would like to solve all the fiscal problems in Springfield, that will not be by job.

It will be my job as a Lake County Board member for District 17 to definitely:

  • Eliminate Lake County government waste to help lower your taxes
  • Cut and reduce all excess spending  in Waukegan to help reduce your taxes
  • Monitor all future expenditures to be in the best interest of Lake County residents
  • Promote Lake County access and release of all eligible past due state and federal funds allocated to Lake County that are being withheld
  • Pass on all possible tax credits and rebates due to the Lake County District 17 residents.

Influential Women in Business 2015 Award - Daily Herald - The Business Ledger


I promise to champion better employment opportunities and more jobs for all Lake County residents.

I will bring to the Lake County Board my unique background of working in the employment and labor market since 1987. I have involved professionally in the hiring process from the employee and employer side for 30 years with my company, The Remington Group.

There are several ways to accomplish this.

  1. We recruit more high-quality companies to relocate or expand their businesses to Lake County.
  2. We increase the number of qualified employees in Lake County for the employers. We accomplish this through a stronger partnership with College of Lake County, Loyola University and other colleges with campuses located in Lake County, to help strengthen professionally the existing labor force.
  3. Create mini turbo business programs to support women re-entering the workforce, in addition to those with a technology gap in their background that would like to re-enter the work force.
  4. There is a serious labor shortage in Lake County due to the retiring baby boomers. Lake County businesses need to rebuild their labor force shortage to succeed in the next 5 years.
  5. Create a tax incentive for those companies that hire qualified employees over 55 years old.
  6. Offer these same options to the small and large business owners.
  7. Evaluate existing educational programs for small business to make sure they access to the tools to succeed and grow their businesses in a profitable way. Small business is the back bone of driving the labor market locally and nationally. Small business creates the majority of jobs.

This is my promise to you if elected to Lake County Board. I will be a strong champion for voting these programs in to help the Lake County residents, employees, and employers. That is my promise to you.




American Cancer Society - Relay for Life 2017

Protect all residents in need, including our children and adult with special needs.

Strive to help the residents of Lake County live a healthier and longer life free from mental illness, drugs, crime, abuse and violence.

As Lake County Board Appointed Lake Zurich Rural Fire Department Trustee and North Barrington Fire Commissioner, I was responsible for the safety and welfare of the residents I served. I will continue that dedication to the overall safety for all residents of Lake County.

In my 8 years working with American Cancer Society – Relay for Life of Barrington, part of my mission was to help those in need with cancer by raising funds to support resources to help those that were sick.

In Lake County we have a crisis in the area of those with suffering with mental health needs and those addicted to opioid, street drugs, and alcohol. A lot of these are “hidden” health issues that need be brought out into the daylight and solved.

I promise to always keep the residents health, safety and welfare in mind when championing on your behalf in Waukegan. I will not rest until these issues are improved or solved in a major way for our residents in need.

While these issues may not affect you directly, we all know someone whose lives is affected by a long-term illness, mental health challenges, drug or alcohol addiction, abuse, violence or crime. It is our natural right to be free from those ills. It is our obligation to help those in need that are struggling with these problems in their daily lives.

My promise is to care about all Lake County residents needs, and to be proactively looking for solutions to solve these problems on their behalf. That is my promise to you when you elect me as your Lake County Board member.




Honey Lake, North Barrington at Sunrise

I promise to protect our legacy of the quality of our natural resources including open spaces for natural flora and fauna, our air and water quality and considering our existing ecological systems

I am committed to protecting our current open lands and forest preserve we have that actively help protect our natural flora and fauna.  It is important to continue to protect the quality of our drinking water and all our Lake County natural waterways.

When we increase our buildings, and roadways, we add asphalt and concrete which redirects the natural water run offs. We need to keep on eye on the impact of our water run-offs and how it affects our existing ecological systems. I am pro sensible business expansion, with keeping our environment in mind.



Endorsements for Candidate Eleanor Sweet McDonnell


“Eleanor and I had the privilege of working together on the 2017 Barrington Relay for Life event.  Her efforts in pulling together a great team and executing a successful outing could not have been achieved without her utmost dedication to the cause and persistence in spearheading this effort.  She not only saw the event through but her consistent follow-up afterwards to thank everyone was most admirable and greatly appreciated. ”

- Bob Nemec, Lake Barrington Resident

“Eleanor Sweet McDonnell has been a resident of North Barrington and Lake County for over 33 years.  She has made substantial contributions to our village and its residents.  We sincerely believe that Eleanor is the best person to be our representative on the Lake County Board and will more effectively serve our interests.”

- Lawrence Jay Weiner, Current Trustee, Village of North Barrington, Terri P Tepper, Resident of North Barrington

“Eleanor played an active role on the North Barrington Plan Commission and was instrumental in the creation of its Comprehensive Plan.  She is well versed in the mechanics of government, does her homework, manifests a keen insight into the issues and is a team player in negotiating simple, workable solutions.  She will be an effective and strong candidate in looking out and protecting the interests of our residents.”

- Martin Pais, Current Plan Commission Member Past Chair, Plan Commission Village of North Barrington

 " Eleanor is a tireless worker who is a champion of many worthy causes.  She has a history of civic involvement and has held numerous leadership roles.  I was fortunate to meet her when she was chairing the Relay for Life effort for the American Cancer Society.  She has passion and conviction along with high integrity. Her motivation, intellectual curiosity and being a good steward of public funds is exactly what we need today in government She will listen and ask the right questions to lead to better decisions and outcomes.  She is the right candidate for us today and suggest you vote for her in the March 20th primary"

- Jason Lohmeyer, Trustee, Village of Barrington, Lake County Resident

“Eleanor is a workhorse!  If you want someone working on your behalf with a big heart, vote for Eleanor.

“I have personally witnessed Eleanor’s passion, commitment, and unbelievable work ethic dedicated to various efforts which have enriched people’s lives.  How refreshing to have someone run for public office not as a politician but as a neighbor, resident, and someone you are able to call a friend.

“I am endorsing Eleanor Sweet McDonnell as a candidate for the Lake County Board – District 17. I strongly suggest you vote for her in the March 20th  primary!”

- Bob Lee, 2013 Citizen of the Year Award – Barrington Area Development Council Founder, of Ride for 3 Reasons

“Make an educated decision and vote for Eleanor Sweet McDonnell for Lake County Board-District 17. She has heart, hope, and a hearty work ethic. All the ingredients needed for a rejuvenating recipe that will revive Lake County residents' belief in government. A woman of integrity, intelligence, and interests that will only contribute to a better place to live. Join the movement needed in order to make a difference, by voting on March 20th.”

- Beth Thake, Teacher, Barrington School District 220, Island Lake Resident

“Eleanor Sweet McDonnell stands out as the candidate that residents of District 17 need as our representative on the Lake County Board.  Her business and civic background, involvement in our broader community, and concern for and action on behalf of quality of life issues align closely with those of our population.

“She has been a resident of the District for 33 years, with a highly recognized record of accomplishment professionally and is a proven, committed advocate for the residents of District 17.”

- Sam Oliver, Founder of Citizens for Conservation, Past Trustee of the Barrington School District Board, Past Chairwoman of American Heart Association of Metro Chicago, North Barrington Resident

Eleanor is determined to fulfill her commitments, and she is filled with enough energy to do it!  Eleanor has a genuine passion to serve the community.  We became acquainted with Eleanor in her capacity as Chair of the Relay for Life of Barrington, and her sustained commitment to that event has been remarkable.  She is knowledgeable and driven and would be a strong-minded and hard-working public servant for Lake County.

- Susan and Paul Rodriguez, Barrington area, Lake County residents

"With her passion for life, her desire to help those that are in need and her will to make things better for generations to come, Eleanor is truly an amazing lady"

- 2014 Women of Distinction Award , Suburban Life Magzine