Early Voting: March 20 - April 1, 2023            Final Voting Day: Tuesday, April 4, 2023

Eleanor Sweet McDonnell

Village of North Barrington President Candidate

Early Voting: March 20 - April 1, 2023

(Lake Barrington Village Hall - Early Voting)

Local Election Date: Tuesday, April 4, 2023

Thank you for your consideration of voting for me.

"I am not running as politician. I am running as a long time North 
Barrington resident to champion your voice, your interests - not mine.
That is my promise to you."
Eleanor Sweet McDonnell 

Eleanor Sweet McDonnell Promises...

Balanced Budget

Continue to support a balanced budget. Reveresed 7 years of deficit spending. Now in our 4th year of balanced budgets for the Village of North Barrington.

Greater Transparency

Last 4 years we have added on the Village website, Zoom link for live streaming Village Board meetings and Board packets. 

Resident's Safety

Continue to put residents' safety first through out the entire Village of North Barrington. Our IGA with Lake Barrington and Lake County Sheriff assures us a strong regional commitment to public safety.

Look for Future Savings

Past 4 years found numerous ways to better manage our fiduciary duties and save tax payers money. Continue to look for future savings while being good stewards of our residents' hard earned money.

Improve Village Stormwater Issues

Work on stormwater issues affecting Village roads and residents' safety.

Protect All Our
 Natural Resources

Continue to protect our treasured natural resources, wildlife, natural flora, natural water resources, air and drinking water quality. 

Protect Honey Lake and Flint Creek. Protect our open spaces. 

See what some of Eleanor Sweet McDonnell's Endorsers Say:

"I support Eleanor Sweet McDonnell 100% based on her ability to balance the budget after several years of random spending. She cares about the residents and our day to day life in North Barrington evidenced by such events as a well-organized summer concert series and Fall Fest. 

As a Village Trustee, it has been a pleasure to work with her on new initiatives such as the golf cart ordinance and removal of the Village vehicle sticker requirement in order to work toward a safer and more fiscally tight North Barrington budget. Heading up a Village with two prestigious, community-oriented golf clubs takes skill and know-how, with a constant pulse on the needs of these unique golf communities. 

Eleanor is the right choice for the Village of North Barrington."

Robin Kelleher - Village North Barrington - Trustee

"For more than thirty five years, Eleanor has been an active member of the larger Barrington community and Lake County. More specifically, in North Barrington she has played a vital role in village government taking part in creating the Comprehensive Plan, which later as the current Village President she has been instrumental in implementing. 

 Her efforts led to creating a roadmap for financial solvency through tight controls on spending while preserving the quality of life we all have worked hard to enjoy. 

It is through her efforts we have a well planned balanced budget. The same can be said on her guidance to the village commissions.

She is well versed in the mechanics of government, does her homework, manifests a keen insight into the issues facing our village. 

 She is a team player and exhibits a proactive dynamism in negotiating simple, workable solutions. 

She continues to be a strong and effective candidate in looking out and protecting the interests of our village residents."

Martin R. Pais - Village North Barrington - Trustee

"I promise to lead with integrity, common sense solutions
and put the community before politics." 
Eleanor Sweet McDonnell

Champion for You the Residents,

1. Continue balanced budget, hold the lines on taxes.

2. Support greater transparency and accountability.

3. Put residents' safety first.

4. Protect our property values, beautiful natural resources and open spaces.

Lead with integrity, common sense solutions and put community before politics. 

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Thank you for re-electing me to serve you again!

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